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This songs ass lmao 1 year ago
Bro just fuck the bitch
Wow 1 year ago
This trash
beats 1 year ago
bro do u need beats
Kkkilla 1 year ago
This motherfucka got no flow
down bad 1 year ago
whats her name
Meh 11 months ago
Mane keep fukn these ladies bruh n you wrong for making this bs lol you can do better but do u homie
Old White Cracker 1 year ago
Dude this shyt is so wack. Skinny ass small cock lil black bitch. I'll show you how to fuck a slut, then show you how to blow green clouds dumbass Yungpunk bitch.
this song fuckin suck 7 months ago
bro this shit fuckin sucks just fuck bitches not fuck up beats
1 year ago
Ngl ur music ass yeat neggs 6 months ago
Ngl ur music ass yeat neggs